Friday, August 30, 2013

Back to School, Part II

     Yesterday my not-so-little girl returned to school, dancing her way into the ranks of the high school hierarchy as a Freshman. Many of her friends left this year to go to different schools, so she was quite nervous. A text sent to me at lunchtime (they are allowed to play with their phones during lunch...I wonder how many actually eat and how many are too busy texting the friends they just had class with) cheerfully announced that she was having a lovely day and that she "LOVES BEING A FRESHMAN!!!!!!!" No more worries on her account.
     Truthfully, I was surprised that she was nervous at all. This is the child who has always taken the world by storm. Born an absolute beauty, she has always turned her big blue eyes toward every challenge, and with typical Aries recklessness (I speak from experience) dives in without a second thought, often suffering the consequences of her impetuousness, but always willing to do it again. She is awe-inspiring.
     In more recent years, she has begun directing her reckless energy into her passions, and in her eighth grade year became the first middle school student to land the lead role in the school musical, starring as Annie. This year, she chose to stay at the high school rather than study cosmetology at the Technical School here in town because the Tech School doesn't have a year-round theatre arts program. She is looking into arts colleges and has asked to begin studying dance. She has plans, and she will achieve them. She's that kind of person. She is an inspiration, my daughter. She has courage and drive I have never managed to attain. She doesn't recognize the concept of failure, and she never will. Then:
And now:
Don't ever change, AlysonRose. You're my wild faerie child, my Wild Irish Rose, and I wouldn't have you any other way.

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