Thursday, April 17, 2014

Picture book scavenger hunt!

       The awesome blog Blog Me Mom has recently posted what is probably the most fun literary activity I have ever seen, and I'm stupidly ashamed to say that I never thought of it before now. Small children love treasure hunts. My little guy adores maps of any kind, probably because the bigger guy is a HUGE Dungeons and Dragons fan and has all the books he could possibly own, as well as several interactive maps and miniatures to go with it. Hence, the small one's love of all things cool and big brother-ish. So what did the geniuses at Blog Me Mom do? Came up with a picture book scavenger hunt. She hid books all around her yard, gave her children a list of clues, and set them loose. Very very cool. I have included the link below (hope it works!) and on the page the moms have added a downloadable link for the clues and book riddles. If you don't have all the books they used, you can of course make up your own. I don't know how good I'd be at making up riddles, but I can try. Happy hunting!

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