Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Poetry by Theodora Goss (one of my favorite authors!)

Song of the Lady in the Corn

                ~Theodora Goss


 Cornflowers bloom in the borders,

poppies suffuse the field.

He expected resistance,

I was accustomed to yield.


The rough straw clung between us,

the fragrant hay our couch,

and he was a rugged farm-boy,

and I was a lady smooth.


Come into my household,

awkward handsome boy.

The badgers walk in the trenches,

the delicate deer slip by.


The rowan offers her berries freely, eaglets wail.

The wild woods hymn together.

Come live in rain and hail,

where bears pad through the forests,


and rivers deeply glide through cavernous embankments

carved out from mountainside,

where we shall live in regions shadowy and chill,

and dance with crooked creatures come from beneath the hill,


and you shall cry a-mornings

For your mother and your bed,

and can no more return to them

than wake the dead.

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