Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It's almost summer...

and that means it's almost time for the Summer Reading List :) Oh, happy happy reading! I've been reviewing and researching, and in some cases hitting dead ends (there really isn't an actual biography of Blanche Wittman? Really??) but I'm sleuthing out some great-looking books, and I can't wait to share. I'm building up a collection of biography, biographical novels (the only way I'm going to get to read about Blanche Wittman, apparently), history, natural history, and the rest of a collection of young adult novels I first read when I was ten, and LOVED! (Any other Vesper Holly fans out there?) There's plenty more to come, and while the list is probably going to look pretty big, the YA novels are all somewhat short, so don't feel too overwhelmed when you read it over. Any recommendations for me? Drop me a line either here in the comments or at NicoleKapisePerkins@yahoo.com and let me know. I'm always game to check out new stuff! More to follow soon!

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