Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ellie's Kitchen: Fresh Cream Cheese, from Charlie Lee-Potter at eggsontheroof.com

Okay...so in my last post I mentioned that I should stay away from most things dairy, and now I'm giving you a cheese recipe from the great writers at eggsontheroof.com. HOWEVER, the base for this homemade cheese is Greek yogurt (which I can eat), and anything homemade is always 1000% better for you than store-bought. (And there's the added fact that just because I cannot eat most cheeses does not mean you should be deprived of the lovely cheesy goodness.)


Fresh Cream Cheese

500g authen­tic Greek yoghurt
Three quar­ters tea­spoon fine sea salt

Stir the salt into the yoghurt, then turn the mix­ture into a small sieve lined with muslin. Allow the yoghurt to drip into a bowl in the fridge overnight and the next morn­ing you will have the most exquis­ite, creamy cheese as if by magic.


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