Sunday, May 29, 2016

Summer Reading List Kick-Off :)

   And it is Memorial Day weekend, which of course means we say "Thank you!" to all the soldiers and veterans that have served our country. My grandfather was a veteran of two wars, as are various uncles and cousins. It is also a day to enjoy all kinds of beach and barbecue fun with your family (unless you have to work all weekend, like I do. Literally. All. Weekend. Long. *sigh*)

   HOWEVER, as I only work until 4:00 every day, this leaves me with plenty of time to begin my assault on my Summer Reading List! Hooray! I began book #1 yesterday, and finished it this afternoon.

Orchid Fever by Eric Hansen

This had far less to do about orchids than I expected, and was really more about the insidious background of the orchid trade. I get that people have obsessions. Mine tend to lean toward first editions by Louisa May Alcott, but I doubt that I'd ever enact an armed raid on a bookstore to acquire one. Not so orchid researchers and breeders. Orchid Fever tells a tale of mayhem and misguided trades, lies, deceit, and all-around nastiness. It was a hell of an adventure, and I can see why Eric Hansen fears he has developed 'orchid fever.'

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