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Myddfai Reiki: Chakra Cleansing for the New Year and a New You

Why Clearing Your Chakras Should be the First Thing You Do in 2017

If you’re into rituals and alternative healing methods for personal growth, there are a lot of different ways to ring in 2017 with fresh energy and positivity. In addition to clearing your mind and home of negative energy, you may want to move out any “stuck” energy that may be affecting your physicality. That’s where chakra-clearing comes in.

In Indian philosophy, the seven chakras are points in the body through which energy moves and circulates. When one chakra becomes clogged, it can set into motion a chain of reactions that can cause ailments in your physical health, mental well-being and personal security.

Even if you don’t buy into the ideas of chakras specifically, you might enjoy the chakra-clearing process as a self-help exercise that can help you refocus your own health and wellbeing in 2017. Here’s what you need to know about the seven chakras and how you can remove any energy blocks that may be occurring.

Chakras 101 …. And Why Secular People Should Care       
First, you should know that the seven chakras run along the length of your spine, starting at the base of your spine and moving upward to just above your head. This is because, in Indian thought, energy moves through your body by way of the spine. The spine, therefore, is the carrier of health, energy, physical and mental stress, and all other manner of important bodily messages.

In fact, this makes a lot of sense—spinal health is recognized as an important component of well-being, even in the medical world. Good spine health keeps you flexible, agile and able to perform important daily tasks, including exercise. Even further, good posture (which is directly related to spinal health) is known to correlate with increased confidence and happiness, according to research published in the European Journal of Social Psychology. Interesting correlation, no?

seven chakras of the Human body

Now, back to the seven chakras specifically. There seven chakras are comprised of the root chakra (base of the spine), the sacral chakra (lower abdomen), the solar plexus chakra (upper abdomen), the heart chakra (chest), the throat chakra (throat), the third eye chakra (center of the forehead) and the crown chakra (very top of the head). Each chakra is correlated with a particular element of wellbeing—elements that, interestingly, parallel the renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
  • The root chakra represents your need to have a strong foundation, and to feel grounded.
  • The sacral chakra is correlated with the need to connect with others. It is particularly correlated with sexuality and sexual wellbeing.
  • The solar plexus chakra is connected to confidence and self-esteem.
  • The heart chakra represents our ability to love others and feel loved in return.
  • The throat chakra has to do with our ability to communicate.
  • The third eye chakra represents focus, ambitions, goals and big-picture thinking.
  • The crown chakra is correlated with enlightenment and spirituality.
It makes sense, then, that to achieve our full potential, we should work through these aspects of our self—and clearing our chakras is a symbolic way to start, even for secular individuals.

How to Clear Your Chakras

If you log into YouTube, you’ll discover that there are a plethora of chakra-clearing meditations available to free listening. These are great for meditation beginners or for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of knowledge about the chakras already.

If you feel confident in your ability to meditate on your own, you can clear your chakras without the guidance of a recording. Simply sit on the ground in whatever position feels most comfortable. You’ll first want to focus on grounding. Feel your tailbone connect with the ground you’re sitting on. Imagine that energetic cords are connecting you to the earth beneath you (if you’re secular, you may want to conceptualize these cords as gravity).

After you feel sufficiently grounded, move into chakra clearing. Move along your spine, starting with the root chakra and moving upward. At each chakra, imagine a bright ball of light in the chakra’s corresponding color, and imagine that ball of light circulating and shining around the area, opening up and releasing any blocked energy. The colors of the chakras are as follows:
  • Root chakra: Red
  • Sacral chakra: Orange
  • Solar plexus chakra: Yellow
  • Heart chakra: Green
  • Throat chakra: Blue
  • Third eye chakra: Purple
  • Crown chakra: White
If it seems too daunting to clear all your chakras at once, feel free to concentrate on one chakra per meditation session. You can also repeat a chakra as many times as it takes for you to feel ready.

Here’s to a healthy, happy and positive 2017!

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