Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summertime Treats!

I've been lax in posting lately, and I'm truly sorry. It's been hot, sticky, and gross, and we've spent our days sitting (melting) in front of fans, trying to stay cool. After watching a dust caribou (that thing was way too big to be a bunny...) roll across the floor I went on a bender, cleaning this place from top to bottom. Now that we can kick back and relax again (my older son quoted Miayazaki's film Howl's Moving Castle as I was cleaning yesterday: "There's a witch on a rampage in here!") I decided we needed some treats that didn't require turning the stove or the oven on. How's popsicles sound to you?


After a four-store search I found popsicle molds, and now we make our own out of juice or iced tea instead of buying sugar- and food-coloring laden ones from the store. The only downside? These will only last about a day-- as soon as they're set my kids dive in...and in...and in. But who cares? They're happy and hydrated, and I don't have ADD kids amped up on red dye and sugar running amok. (and no, I'm not making a dig at rambunctious children--my kids really do have it. It makes for an interesting life)
Anyway, try making your own! I've even used things like homemade or iced tea. Pureed fruit works too, though you may have to thin it with a little juice.  Give it a try!

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