Saturday, April 12, 2014

Two poems in honor of my daughter's birthday. (She'll be so embarrassed)

                                                         by Nicole Kapise Perkins                           


                                    ...and always she laughs

                                    at anything at all,

                                    as though all life is amazing,

                                    then dances away

                                    to steal your attention,

                                    to avoid apology.

                                    You can’t help yourself

                                    and allow her to dance, to twirl.

                                    The room can wait,

                                    the toys can watch;

                                    the stars in her eyes are too appealing

                                    as this small earth-bound angel dances.

                                    by Nicole Kapise Perkins

                        My eyes don’t know
                        what they see;
                        there are dribbles
                       of color on the floor,
                       printer paper taped to the easel –
                       Is it a house?
                      Or a clown?
                       I am blind,
                      my daughter’s eyes see:
                      it is a family on a sidewalk,
                      flying  a kite,
                      playing with a dog.

Happy fifteenth birthday AlysonRose Elizabeth. Momma loves you.

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