Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer plans...?

     Saturday. No plans, no beach visits or day trips scheduled: my husband's work schedule is just too busy. I suppose I should be thankful for books (well, more than the obvious, I mean) for the escapism they provide. I have recently visited the glittering court of Catherine the Great; now I am walking the dark streets of Victorian London as killers stalk their prey. (Despite the fact that I am a reasonably well-adjusted person, Jack the Ripper holds endless fascination for me. Sick, I know. Ditto the incredibly violent movie The Crow. I don't get it either.)
     And so, instead of packing my family up and heading to some unknown destination (fun as that would be) I will tuck myself into a leafy corner of my vine-engulfed back steps with book, tea and journal and travel the vicarious wordways of others' works.
     Here's a few of the more interesting 'armchair travel' books I've read recently:

     I'll stop now! Not all of these are travel books; some are works of fiction that are so perfectly crafted that they take you away from where you are and place you squarely in the middle of the story's landscape. Happy travels!

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