Friday, December 26, 2014

Can I just say December is exhausting????

     I've been away, caught up in all the to-do that goes along with the holly-daze, and I've missed being able to pop in and fill people in on the weirdness and loveliness that is my life. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, whatever you observe, filled with fun, laughter, introspection, fulfillment, friends and loved ones. I'll be back later with a simple recipe for a nice, calm, sit-down dinner...something I'll be making tonight after I find my house. I lost it somewhere amid the paper, ninja gear for the five year old, books, resumes and college transcripts. I know it's here somewhere.....

     Much love to you and all you hold dear, and I'll be back. I'm looking forward to sharing recipes, books, music, and quiet times with all of you!    <3, Nicole

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