Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A post I can completely relate to borrowed (in part) from Luisa Weiss' blog 'The Wednesday Chef'

In an effort to escape from, oh, everything, (without a bottle of Reisling) I decided to treat myself to spending an hour (or, preferably, half a lifetime) with blogger/author/cooker/baker extraordinaire Luisa Weiss. Reading her blog always inspires and entertains me (Luisa is what I want to be when I finally manage to grow up...ignoring the fact that I'm older than she is...) and though our realities are far different, I can always identify with what she has to say. At this current point in my reality, I can absolutely relate to this current post, as all of my writing projects have been abandoned by the wayside as I work on sorting out, well, work. My friends, my friend Luisa: (No, the sweet piggy is not Luisa.....)

June 07, 2015

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