Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Thinking of my children...


~ Winifred M Letts

I do be thinking God must laugh
The time He makes a boy;
All element the creatures are,
And divilmint and joy.
Careless and gay as a wad in a window,
Swift as a redshanks, and wild as a hare;
Heartscalds and torments--but sorra a mother
Has got one to spare.

An Autumn Walk with Deborah

 ~ Aline Kilmer

    OVER the limp and sallow grasses,
       Deborah, will you walk with me?
    You may gather gentians in purple masses
       And honeypods from the locust tree.

    Brown leaves cover the partridge berry,
       Holding it safe for your eager hand.
    Barberry bright and cornelian cherry
       Offering scarlet jewels stand.

    I shall dress you up as an elf-queen, twining
       Bittersweet wreaths for your golden head;
    Your leaf-brown cloak with its orange lining
       I shall hang with garlands yellow and red.

    Let us leave this place while the sunlight lingers
       Lest the elves should covet your beauty bright.
    The gentians fall from your tired fingers
       As I carry you home through the fading light.

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