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Ellie's Kitchen: 6 Comforting Squash Recipes For Any Fall Day

6 Comforting Squash Recipes For Any Fall Day

Fall might be all about the Halloween candy for some, but this time of year also brings with it a bountiful harvest of winter squash. If the most squash you consume during the season comes via pumpkin spice latte, it’s time to expand your culinary repertoire to include a variety of these nutrient-packed veggies.

Squash is packed with vitamins and minerals, including beta carotene from its bright orange hue, and has a mild and sweet flavor. Some varieties are perfect for sweet dishes and others pair perfectly with savory ingredients, making them an easy and delicious way to boost your vegetable intake during chilly, comfort food-laden months. Add a few of these recipes into your seasonal rotation and you will be a squash aficionado by Thanksgiving.

6 Comforting Squash Recipes For Any Fall DayPhoto: Care2
1. Winter Squash and Pear Soup with Sage
This warming soup can be made from just about any seasonal squash you find at the store or your local farm. Once you pick out your preferred gourd, pairing it with the sweetness of pears and the distinct flavors of garlic, onions and sage brings dinner to a whole new level. A dash of coconut milk makes it extra creamy.

2. Roasted Spaghetti Squash
One of the most versatile squashes out there, the spaghetti squash can replace pasta in just about any dish. If you have yet to try spaghetti squash, try it out with some olive oil, salt and pepper first to get a sense of its unique flavor and texture. Then, go wild with sauces and toppings!
6 Comforting Squash Recipes For Any Fall Day
3. Stuffed Acorn Squash with Barley, Apples and Walnuts
Possibly the most classic preparation for squash is to slice it in half, scoop out the seeds, and stuff it with a mixture of grains and veggies. Once these babies are baked, they are so soft you can eat them with a spoon. This unique filling is made of cooked barley, autumn apples and omega-packed walnuts.

4. Butternut Squash Lasagna
Now, here’s a fun spin on a classic! Lasagna noodles are layered with homemade marinara, tofu “ricotta,” butternut squash and a fragrant sage-pepita mixture on top. This unforgettable recipe will surely make itself a regular in your rotation.
6 Comforting Squash Recipes For Any Fall Day
5. Squash, Walnut and Apple Bread
For a warm brunch treat, try out this homemade bread flavored apples and walnuts. Pumpkin or fresh squash puree makes this loaf moist and delicious, perfect for a slather of coconut oil or vegan margarine for breakfast, alongside a cup of hot coffee.

6. Curried Butternut Squash Soup
When it’s cold outside, we need to turn up the heat a little. That’s exactly what this curried butternut squash soup does with a helping of curry powder and a dash of cayenne. Serve this with a chunk of baguette and you will be warmed from the inside out.

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