Sunday, November 6, 2016

Myddfai Reiki: 5 Ways to Clear and Bless Your Home this November, from Tess Whitehurst

5 Ways to Clear and Bless Your Home this November

In the Northern Hemisphere, the beginning of November is SO PERFECT for clearing and blessing.

Summer is certainly gone, and fall is inching toward winter as many of the flowers disappear and the trees surrender the last of their leaves. Samhain is passed, but the holiday season has not quite begun. There is a singular stillness: a clean energy filled with clarity and peace. Plus, the wheel of the harvest year has reached its end, so a new cycle has begun. 

Like I said: perfect time for clearing and blessing.

Not sure where to start? I've got you covered with these 5 simple ideas. Do one or do them all. Or riff on them and make them your own.

1. Burn white sage. Oh I know it's the old standby. But sweet and simple are perfect for this time of year. You know: no frills. 

2. Tie a bundle of fresh rosemary with blue ribbon and hang it over your front door. This brings freshness and clarity to the home while energetically protecting the home for winter and blessing the new cycle of the year that lies ahead.

3. Clear out your cupboards and fridge. We're about to enter a time of abundantly flowing food and a time when food banks will be more than happy to take your extras. So get all the expired and spoiled stuff out, and donate the stuff you know you'll never eat. You'll love the way your kitchen feels!

4. Clear digital clutter. Never underestimate the power of deleting all your old emails and downloads. Your home - and mind! - will feel so much clearer. 

5. Bake pumpkin or zucchini bread. As you stir the batter, direct positive energy into it through the spoon. As it bakes, send love and light into the loaf as you chant,
Sweetness, light, abundant wealth,
Laughter, joy, and vibrant health,
Fill our homes and fill our lives,
As we throughout this winter thrive.

As it bakes, feel and sense the blessing moving throughout your home in the form of the delicious scent. Then serve the bread to your family and/or loved ones (and eat some yourself!) to internalize the magic. 

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