Friday, April 25, 2014

Two reflections of everyday life, by me :)

Daisies on My Shoes

            The daisies on my shoe

            Blink at me

            In the dark closet.

            Behind me

            Dreams are lazing

            In the twisted sheets.

            They’re losing their hold now,

            Gossamer shreds

            Drifting out the window

            To melt in the

            Early September rain,

            And I wonder

            What the night brought,

            What the night will


            From beneath the bed

            The other shoe 

                              ~Nicole Kapise Perkins

Home Cooking

                        Who will remain
In the end?
A chicken is cooking,
Mingled scent of oranges, onions.
Can they smell it
Time zones away
Where cars explode and
Children die?
                   ~Nicole Kapise Perkins


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