Sunday, April 26, 2015

Perhaps not the most thought-provoking poem I've ever posted.....

but today is National Pretzel Day! I didn't actually believe I'd find any poems on pretzels, but Poem Hunter proved me wrong. So, get the mustard and a plate, pile it with pretzel-y goodness, and enjoy Jim Yerman's poem:

Pretzel Day

Today is National Pretzel Day, so my hat I’ll give a tip
To the long suffering cousin of the more popular potato chip.

I’m not sure how it happened, the who, what, where or when
But in a list of the most popular snacks...pretzels aren’t in the top 10?

I mean pretzels lose out to Cheetos...sure they may be a little bit duller
But come on, Cheetos leave your fingers orange...and is that even a real color?

And if you think that doesn’t bother the pretzel...think another thought
I imagine that’s the real reason they’re all tied up knots.

Today I glorify the pretzel and spread good pretzel thoughts across the land
Did you know they were shaped originally to resemble praying hands?

Here’s an interesting little fact, an often forgotten stat
You know the marriage term ‘tie the knot....we have the pretzel to thank for that.

Pretzels used to be a part of weddings, held by the couple for everyone to see
To be broken together, then eaten in a symbol of unity.

The pretzel is thought to signify good luck, German children believe it brings good cheer
That’s why they tie one around their neck at the beginning of each new year.

Pretzels once adorned Christmas trees, hey, this is a snack with legs...
At one time they were even hidden...on Easter Sunday with the eggs.

A long time ago pretzels were a common way to help the poor get fed.
They were often thought so highly of...they were buried with the dead!

I could go on but think I’ve made a case for pretzels...all other your face!
For once people read this little poem you’ll all be vying for second place.

Yes, move over Ritz, Cheetos, Lays and all those other’ve had your fun.
It’s time for the pretzel to take it’s rightful place as the snack world’s number 1.

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