Monday, June 17, 2013

Midnight ramblings, because I'm sad and I have insomnia. (I'm cheerful, huh?)

     It was a rough day here, readers. Four years ago my grandmother Ellie passed away, and the pain is still as raw now as it was then. I didn't get to say goodbye, so I'll never really have closure. I suppose the pain never really goes away, but over time it becomes softened, the sharp edges are worn away to a dull ache. I'll have to wait and see.
     On a brighter note, I'm at 100 views, which is AMAZING, thank you all so very much. People from the Netherlands, Armenia, Spain, Venezuela, Germany and Mexico have stopped by, as well as readers in the US. That makes me feel all sparkley inside, like a rainbow exploded or....something.       Anyway, THANK YOU, all of you, any of you, who stop in a read my rambling posts about posty-ness. I am forming a better idea about where I want this blog to go and how I want it to grow into a big, strong, proud blog when it grows up, so if you kind and lovely people just bear with us (me and the blog) we'll become something worth reading, I promise.

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