Sunday, September 13, 2015


   There have been some changes here in Ellie's home, and some of these will directly affect my little blog-- in a positive way, I assure you. First and foremost, having become burned-out, disgruntled and despairing, I finally flipped my lid and quit my job. There shall be no more "40-hours-a-week-scrambling-to-find-childcare-living-in-near-squalor-because-I'm-too-tired-to-do-anything-except-order-take-out" avoidance and excuses for not writing. (And as an aside, take-out didn't happen all that much. Finding the phone amid dishes, laundry to be folded, overdue books and scattered mail was too difficult. My boys have been eating cereal for dinner. I really have sunk that low.)
   The second big lifestyle change here @ Home was my little one beginning school. He oh-so-proudly marched off to kindergarten last week with his head held high and a firm grip on my hand. In honor of his new 'growner-up' stage and in support of children's literacy (the foundation of all learning), readers will now find features from 'Lulu's Library': reviews of books my little guy and his grown-ups are reading. My husband and I read to our son each night, sometimes a book or two (or 7), and sometimes a chapter in a children's novel we're working through. (Currently Josh and his Mini-Me are reading Tony DiTerlizzi's The Search for Wondla. These reviews (named in honor of a Louisa May Alcott collection: there's some trivia you can toss out at your next party) will come regularly-- I won't say daily, just to be safe-- but it's much easier to give a thoughtful review on a 28 page children's book than it is on the behemoths I've been known to read.
   And speaking of...under the title 'Library Loot' you will be subjected to the labyrinthine lanes of my literary leisure, from fiction to fact to flat-out fantasy. (Isn't my alliteration amazing??) While I am going to put some effort into reading only one book at a time, I am currently reading three, and you will hear about those soon.
   'Ellie's Kitchen' will focus on all things food, as I will resume feeding my family. (And for those of you who are overworked and overwhelmed and treat yourself to cereal for dinner once or twice a month, or even once a week, please don't think I look down on you. I love me a bowl of Rice Krispies anytime. But my sons had cereal for dinner four times last week. I have never been so ashamed of myself. And in defense of my husband: I get home from work at least three hours before he does, which is why I cook dinner 90% of the time. Otherwise, the boys would have been better fed. Poor boys.)
   Finally, I have made mention several times of being a Reiki Master without actually doing anything about it. Under the post title 'Myddfai Reiki,' the name of my business and FB page for said business ( ), you will receive background and information on this wonderful healing technique, acupressure, EFT Tapping, meditation, the Akashic Records and other health and wellness tidbits. I will not advertise my business...the FB link is for you to take a look at what's there if you are so inclined, because I have linked to many wonderful health and wellness sites via FB, and am happy to share the wealth. And I won't inundate you with health updates. However, this is a lifestyle blog of sorts, my lifestyle, so I'm going to share things I'm loving, things I'm learning, and things I'm loathing, such as the fact that I need to wash the curtains soon. You'll see all of this though (well, not the curtain washing-- I'll spare you that particular drudgery) and more, such as 'Wordless Wednesday': a weekly photo update idea from, in which all that one posts is a photo or two. I'm liking the idea. Could be fun. Could be inspiring. Could turn out to be a bust. We'll see. Also, Tackle-It Tuesday: exactly what it sounds like, tackling and conquering those tasks that just keep laying around (why can't the bills and receipts sort them selves??) as opposed to actual housework. I'll start small.You can start small with me. There will also be poetry and short stories here and there, as I'm still chasing down a writing career. Words are my stock-in-trade, after all.
   And to be completely up-front, I haven't stopped working entirely. I'll be picking up per diem hours in a healthcare facility I worked in previously, so I'll have plenty of craft ideas to share as well. Such is the exciting existence of the Activity Assistant.
   So, dear readers, thank you for sticking around even when my updates became sporadic, then non-existent. If it weren't for you, I'd just be a frustrated, teary-eyed wanna-be writer pointlessly spending too much time in front of a computer pouring back can after can of Coke. Because of you, it's worthwhile, and I'm drinking pots of tea instead. Thanks for being you, and for encouraging me to be me!

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