Thursday, June 20, 2013

Create an Altered Book Journal, continued

A week or so ago I posted directions on how to make a journal out of an altered book. After sorting through my collection, I found a 1922 edition of Charlotte Bronte's The Professor, my least favorite of her books, purchased because I am a fan and I felt that I ought to own every one of her books, whether I liked them or not. (Also, it was an inscribed antique book for $6.50. Really, I couldn't go wrong.) But I really don't like The Professor, and so it has become the chosen one:

I am no artist, as you can see, but I love the concept so much I decided to go ahead and make a commonplace book, filled with whatever strikes my fancy, and a few attempts at drawing as I see fit. My incredibly crafty and artistic daughter has asked if she can make one, but her excitement was a bit quelled when I told her she had to use one of her books. Mean, mean mom.

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