Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Morning Meditation?

   Happy Morning, everyone! (No, I'm not one of those delightfully chipper morning persons you read about--my husband will be the first to tell you.) I've been awake for a couple hours now, and feeling mostly human, so you get nice Cole instead of evil just-woken-up Cole. So why am I so chipper this morning? It's a beautifully sunny summer morning (Okay, almost summer. I know it's not summer yet...I'm Pagan. We get that stuff. No big party? Not a new season then. See? Perfect logic.) and I woke up to birds singing at the birdfeeder, and had a chance to meditate. Yes, meditate. Not meditate as in sitting pretzeled up making funny sounds with my breath while warbling Vedic chants (not to say that's not a great way to do it) but just lying in bed, watching the leaf shadows move on the walls, listening to my baby breathe beside me.
   Meditation is about finding peace within. Allowing yourself to relax fully so that you may achieve a true sense of peace and calm, thereby gaining the ability to do...anything. If you are at peace with yourself, centered within your Self, you begin to see that the small irritating things that fly at you during the day like rabid mosquitos really are just small, insignificant things that aren't worth your anger or worry. And the big things that suddenly fly up before you, wings outstretched, talons bared? You find yourself more able to deal with them. You are calm, able to look the issue in the face and stare it down into submission.
   Do yourself a favor, give yourself a gift of time. (I know, what's that??) Tomorrow, when you first wake up, give yourself 5 minutes. Listen to yourself breathe. Listen to the birds outside. Have a cat? Give them a scratch and listen to them purr. If it's raining, listen to that. See how much better you feel over the course of the day. I know I'm feeling pretty good this morning. And now I'm off to clean up some spilled grape juice.


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